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  Catalog » Components » Switches » Tact Switch : Switch microswitch bistable DC load:0.1A/30V LED THT
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Tact Switch - Switch microswitch bistable DC load:0.1A/30V LED THT


Price:  1.34 €
VAT:  0.31 €
Final price with tax:  1.65 €
Usually shipped within 2-5 business days.
Switch type microswitch
Min. insulation resistance 100 MΩ
Illumination LED
Symbol Picture of product Stable positions Backlight colour
KS01-BL-1 Fig. 1-1. monostable red
KS01-BL-13 Fig. 1-1. monostable red/green
KS01-BL-2 Fig. 1-1. monostable yellow
KS01-BL-3 Fig. 1-1. monostable green
KS01-BL-4 Fig. 1-1. monostable blue
KS01-BL-5 Fig. 1-1. monostable white
PB61302AL-1-101 Fig. 1-2. bistable red
PB61302AL-13101 Fig. 1-2. bistable red/green
PB61302AL-3-101 Fig. 1-2. bistable green
PB61302AL-4-101 Fig. 1-2. bistable blue
PB61302AL-5-101 Fig. 1-2. bistable white
PB61302BL-1-101 Fig. 1-2. monostable red
PB61302BL-13101 Fig. 1-2. monostable red/green
PB61302BL-3-101 Fig. 1-2. monostable green
PB61302BL-3-103 Fig. 1-2. monostable green
PB61302BL-3-104 Fig. 1-2. monostable green
PB61302BL-3-105 Fig. 1-2. monostable green
PB61302BL-3-106 Fig. 1-2. monostable green
PB61302BL-3-107 Fig. 1-2. monostable green
PB61302BL-3-108 Fig. 1-2. monostable green
PB61302BL-4-101 Fig. 1-2. monostable blue
PB61302BL-5-101 Fig. 1-2. monostable white
PB61304AL-1 Fig. 1-3. bistable red
PB61304AL-13 Fig. 1-3. bistable red/green
PB61304AL-3 Fig. 1-3. bistable green
PB61304AL-4 Fig. 1-3. bistable blue
PB61304AL-5 Fig. 1-3. bistable white
PB61304BL-1 Fig. 1-3. monostable red
PB61304BL-13 Fig. 1-3. monostable red/green
PB61304BL-3 Fig. 1-3. monostable green
PB61304BL-4 Fig. 1-3. monostable blue
PB61304BL-5 Fig. 1-3. monostable white
PB61305AL-1 Fig. 1-4. bistable red
PB61305AL-3 Fig. 1-4. bistable green
PB61305BL-1 Fig. 1-4. monostable red
PB61305BL-13 Fig. 1-4. monostable red/green
PB61305BL-3 Fig. 1-4. monostable green
PB61305BL-4 Fig. 1-4. monostable blue
PB61305BL-5 Fig. 1-4. monostable white
PB6133FAL-1 Fig. 1-5. bistable red
PB6133FAL-3 Fig. 1-5. bistable green
PB6133FBL-1 Fig. 1-5. monostable red
PB6133FBL-13 Fig. 1-5. monostable red/green
PB6133FBL-3 Fig. 1-5. monostable green
PB6133FBL-4 Fig. 1-5. monostable blue
PB6133FBL-5 Fig. 1-5. monostable white
PB6135FAL-1 Fig. 1-6. bistable red
PB6135FAL-13 Fig. 1-6. bistable red/green
PB6135FAL-3 Fig. 1-6. bistable green
PB6135FAL-4 Fig. 1-6. bistable blue
PB6135FAL-5 Fig. 1-6. bistable white
PB6135FBL-1 Fig. 1-6. monostable red
PB6135FBL-13 Fig. 1-6. monostable red/green
PB6135FBL-3 Fig. 1-6. monostable green
PB6135FBL-4 Fig. 1-6. monostable blue
PB6135FBL-5 Fig. 1-6. monostable white
PB6136FAL-1 Fig. 1-7. bistable red
PB6136FAL-13 Fig. 1-7. bistable red/green
PB6136FAL-3 Fig. 1-7. bistable green
PB6136FAL-4 Fig. 1-7. bistable blue
PB6136FAL-5 Fig. 1-7. bistable white
PB6136FBL-1 Fig. 1-7. monostable red
PB6136FBL-13 Fig. 1-7. monostable red/green
PB6136FBL-3 Fig. 1-7. monostable green
PB6136FBL-4 Fig. 1-7. monostable blue
PB6136FBL-5 Fig. 1-7. monostable white
PB6141FL-1 Fig. 1-8. monostable red
PB6141FL-13 Fig. 1-8. monostable red/green
PB6141FL-3 Fig. 1-8. monostable green
PB6141FL-4 Fig. 1-8. monostable blue
PB6141FL-5 Fig. 1-8. monostable white
PB6142FL-1 Fig. 1-9. monostable red
PB6142FL-13 Fig. 1-9. monostable red/green
PB6142FL-3 Fig. 1-9. monostable green
PB6142FL-4 Fig. 1-9. monostable blue
PB6149L-1 Fig. 1-10. monostable red
PB6149L-1 Fig. 1-11. monostable red
PB6149L-13 Fig. 1-10. monostable red/green
PB6149L-13-102 Fig. 1-11. monostable red/green
PB6149L-3 Fig. 1-10. monostable green
PB6149L-3 Fig. 1-11. monostable green
PB6149L-4 Fig. 1-10. monostable blue
PB6149L-4 Fig. 1-11. monostable blue
PB6149L-5 Fig. 1-10. monostable white
PB6149L-5 Fig. 1-11. monostable white
PB6156RSL-1-102 Fig. 1-12. monostable red
PB6156RSL-13102 Fig. 1-12. monostable red/green
PB6156RSL-3-102 Fig. 1-12. monostable green
PB6156RSL-4-102 Fig. 1-12. monostable blue
PB6156RSL-5-102 Fig. 1-12. monostable white
PB6172ML-1 Fig. 1-13. monostable red
PB6172ML-13 Fig. 1-13. monostable red/green
PB6172ML-3 Fig. 1-13. monostable green
PB6172ML-4 Fig. 1-13. monostable blue
PB6172ML-5 Fig. 1-13. monostable white
PB6172L-3 Fig. 1-13. monostable green
  • through hole mounting
  • straight (KS01-BL-xx, PB613xxx, PB614xxx, PB6172xxx)
  • angled (PB6156RSL-xx102)
DC contacts rating*:
  • 0.1 A / 35 V (KS01-BL-xx)
  • 0.1 A / 30 V (PB613xxx)
  • 0.5 A / 12 V (PB614xxx, PB6156RSL-xx102)
  • 0.5 A / 48 V (PB6172xxx)
Max. contact resistance::
  • 30 mΩ (KS01-BL-xx)
  • 50 mΩ (PB613xxx)
  • 100 mΩ (PB614xxx, PB6156RSL-xx102, PB6172xxx)
Operating temperature:
  • -20...60°C (KS01-BL-xx)
  • -10...80°C (PB613xxx)
  • -20...70°C (PB614xxx, PB6172xxx)
  • -25...70°C (PB6156RSL-xx102)
Electrical life:
  • 1·105 cycles (KS01-BL-xx)
  • 10000 cycles (PB613xxx)
  • 3·105 cycles (PB614xxx, PB6156RSL-xx102, PB6172xxx)
Switching torque:
  • 1.3 N (KS01-BL-xx)
  • 1.5 N (PB613xxx)
  • 1.6 N (PB614xxx, PB6156RSL-xx102)
  • 1.4 N (PB6172xxx)
  • THT (KS01-BL-xx, PB613xxx, PB614xxx, PB6156RSL-xx102)
  • SMD (PB6172xxx)

*at resistance load
Output configuration:
Contacts layout:
Availability: With order Prod code: 10322
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